Development News

Gaia Snake is Here

February 2nd, 2023

About this time last year I started to teach myself programming, starting with the C languages and a handful of YouTube tutorials.

Since then, I've learned bits and pieces about developing games on Unreal Engine, Unity, Windows Form Designer, and more! 

Unity felt like a natural fit for my needs: an easy-to-use engine interface, a huge community full of resources and support, and a comprehensive ecosystem of structured and unstructured learning opportunities. So let's see how I did!

Gaia Snake brings together 3rd party art assets with my own knowledge of programming, particle systems, graphical user interfaces, and game design. You can set up your own level environments, choose your own difficulty and challenge settings, dominate your own scoreboard and grow your permanent pet snakes who will be waiting for you in the main menu.

Gaia Snake is waiting for you on Set your own price (currently $0 and up) and let me know what you think of my first game!