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June 8th, 2023

That's it! Name drop time!

A very quick rundown today because I have to run off to catch a flight soon. Let's go!

Name Drop & Much Enthusiasm

Facts about "Project Kevin" so far: Horror game. Co-op game. Puzzles, monsters and Kevin. AND, "Project Kevin" was never the real name of the project.

 I've been holding back the name drop until I was sure it felt right, and that I had secured the name in all the revelant places. Well, I have it now, and it's time to share!

"One Wicked Night" captures this one-night-only scenario with your childhood friends as you save Kevin from The House. Hopefully, you'll make it a night to remember for all the RIGHT reasons.

New Website

Check it out! "" should be up and running by the time you see this.

Note that you do NOT need to monitor both the game site and this dev site. The new site is mostly just a landing page for what goes on over here. So don't worry, you're already in the best place!

New Video: First "Playthrough"

Today's new video shows the beginning and end of the game. Now I only need to work on the middle bits!

Keys, a puzzle to free Kevin, and a "great escape" that is basically as thrilling as Indiana Jones getting chased by that one giant boulder. This comment makes more sense if you watch the video.

I'm going to let the video do most of the talking so... first, a reminder about the new discord and Patreon communities that are up and running. Big thanks to Captain Caramel, FizzleTop, and Jaz for their top-tier support! Supporters at any tier get DAILY updates and behind-the-scenes peeks at development, but just hanging about in the discord to talk about Project Zomboid and other games is fun too. Come on down!

And now, I've got a plane to catch. Catch you in two weeks' time Kevin's.

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