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July 6th, 2023

Welcome to Dev Blog #7!

This is not so much a "dev blog" so much as a "no dev blog this week!" kind of post. My dev time got eaten up by prep for the GMTK game jam coming up this weekend, the impending launch of my Project Zomboid server, and some unexpected health trouble that my cat Slevin has been having.

But I guess I'm writing this much so I'll write a bit more!


FAQ For Newcomers

What's this game about?

Your pal Kevin has run into a spooky house on a dare. He hasn't come out. You need to go in and save him!

Okay but what's in it for me?

Well, friendship! Okay but also: A new house, new puzzles, and new monsters every time you play.

Can I play this with friends?

Eventually! I'm just a solo developer working at this part time, but once multiplayer is implemented I'll be launching an Early Access version of the game.

The Evil Kevins (and AI in general)

Enemy development is underway with a pretty slick procedural NPC behaviour generator. This baby can chain together different animations, effects, and movement behaviours to potentially create new AI tactics every time you play!

For now, the only monsters you'll see here are the colourful Kevins who are serving as my "evil Kevin" test AIs. Rest assured the monsters you face in the demo will be much more flavourful!

Monsters aside, there is a NPC command system now in place that will let you give your AI friends some pretty specific commands to carry out: as long as they aren't distracted by angry monsters or priorities of their own.

Death of a Jane

Okay so she's not REALLY dead, because Jane doesn't really have a proper health system yet. But, I do have some basic UI in place and an animation to trigger when an Evil Kevin succeeds in defeating us (see upper image of Kevin trying to stab us). Delightful!

Video: Kevin learning to walk!

The boy does what he wants.

Wrapping Up

No flashy gif. No catchy YouTube video. Is this all there is?!

Well... yep! But I'm hoping to get you something MUCH more interesting for the next blog. Stay tuned and wish me luck!


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