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Toilets & Tables & Monsters, Oh My!

August 24th, 2023

I'm back!

A brief blog as I get back into the groove. For today's dev blog I'll first refer you to this new video, and then to the photos here for details. 

The big secret in all of this is: Kickstarter. 

I'm going to take a run at an October campaign to see if anyone wants to help me develop this thing at a full time pace, and there it'll bring plenty of opportunities to get involved and leave your own mark on the game. 

Kickstarter ends on Halloween! Stay tuned for details, coming soon.


FAQ For Newcomers

What's this game about?

Your pal Kevin has run into a spooky house on a dare. He hasn't come out. You need to go in and save him!

Okay but what's in it for me?

Well, friendship! Okay but also: A new house, new puzzles, and new monsters every time you play.

Can I play this with friends?

Eventually! I'm just a solo developer working at this part time, but once multiplayer is implemented I'll be launching an Early Access version of the game.

We have monsters! This is a small sampling of what's to come. Need to keep some surprises!

A little character creation mockup. Choose your own halloween costume! Or not, if you're too old for that.

Now featuring spooooky fiiiires... much wow.

The house got bigger. Teasing out weird bugs and getting ready to start adding secrets to the empty spaces.

What Next?

Now that I'm taking a run at Kickstarter, I have three priorities above all others: narrative, art, and a playable "open house" that you can download to walk the house for yourself (and play as a bit of a prequel). That means things are about to get... prettier, for lack of a more horror-appropriate word. 

More characters, more content in the house, and more story coming your way next time. Join the discord to keep on top of the latest news (or just come hang out), and I hope to catch you here again in two weeks.

Thanks for reading!

- Trombo

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