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Project Space Tanks

April 11th, 2024

Hello dear TromboSpace readers,

First off, THANK YOU for the 1000 views on my website last month!

Second, sorry for the late blog this month. I got a liiiiiittle obsessed with my pathfinding algorithm, and lost track of time. In order to stay on track with my development time, I've put all of today's content into my YouTube audio blog. Enjoy!

Happy gaming,

- Trombo

Current Project: TromboScripts Library

What is Project Space Tanks?

This is my current solo dev hobby project: a top-down 3D multiplayer co-op action game. More details to come.

What inspired it?

MechWarrior 2. The Armored Core series. The Silo novel series by Hugh Howey. Black and White. Populous. Front Mission 4. Starcraft. And many more.

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